How to Add Blog Posts (for church web editors)

This is a how-to guide for anyone editing the church website to add new blog posts. First you need to contact the church to get login details for the church website editor. Then go to Web Pages > Folders > Blog and click the green 'New Page' button

Blog posts appear on the blog page (most recent first), the two most recent posts also appear on the homepage. Use blog posts for any announcements, news, or one-off events. In this section you write the main content of your blog post, remember the page summary is not part of the blog page, so you may need to repeat information you wrote in the page summary.



Mostly you simply type in the editor like normal. For short new lines press shift+enter
...and you will get a small line break. For longer gaps just press enter

... and you will get a larger line break.

For headings write IN CAPS so it is easy to differentiate in the text editor. Select the heading style in the dropdown menu next to fonts. You should use the:


For all other text use the default 'Normal' style. If you still feel unsure try opening this blog post in the webpage editor and see how everything works (don't save any changes you make to this page though)



You can add links easily. Links won't appear automatically though, just typing a URL such as does not create a link. 

In the website editor select the text you want to link, press the link button, paste the URL and click ok. You should include a link for:

  • All website URLs
  • All email addresses (here after pressing the Link button select Link Type > E-mail in the dropdown)
  • Most addresses (particularly if the address isn't Trentham Church try to include a Google Maps link for people)



Adding images is trickier so only add them if you need them. Click the image button, paste a URL, then type a percentage in the width box (100% or less if you want the image to be narrower), then remove any text from the height box and click ok.
If you want to add your own image click browse server, choose file, select your image, click 'this file can be used in: blog folder only', click upload, select your image, then as above add a percentage in the width box and delete text from the height box.

First published on: 21st July 2020
© Copyright Trentham Parish Church. Charity number 1144889